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Have you worked hard to create ​a top-quality product or service with a brand that speaks to the hearts of your clients and are now looking at taking that to a new level - a global level?

If that sounds like you, then you're in the right place. At Ruah Language, we're all about supporting quality with quality. You come up with a great thing, we make sure that thing is equally great - if not better - when it transitions into a new culture.

We believe great businesses deserve great translation, and that's why we work hard to make our clients look great in whatever language they need to be speaking next. Don't get lost in translation - get found.

​1. Purposefully small means


Our translation teams are comprised of a small number of highly experienced, professional linguists. We don't have thousands of freelancers at our fingertips to blast your files off too. We're convinced that keeping small and focused means we're always ready to adopt new practices and come up with custom-made solutions for our clients whenever the need arises. Plus, having the same linguists involved in your project long-term means you're going to get a higher level of consistency and therefore quality overall; ultimately making your brand look better and your translated materials significantly more accurate and readable.

​2. Work with an experienced


Sometimes "lost in translation" can start before translation even begins - with misunderstandings between the client and the project manager - and we want to make sure this doesn't happen with our clients. That's why you'll be working directly with a native English-speaking project manager with years of in-depth experience with the Japanese culture. Discuss your project-related needs and concerns in the freedom of knowing your instructions are getting across and going to be communicated appropriately to our team. Ask questions and get advice about documents, procedures and cultural issues knowing you have all our expertise and experience at your fingertips.

​3. Guaranteed quality with


We firmly believe that cookie-cutter projects don't cross cultures well and work hard to ensure our processes and translations are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. Don't need proofreading this time round? Talk to us about it. Or do you need an extra proofread of materials for print? Tell us. Have a particular software you work with that you need a translator to work in? Ask us - we're ready to tailor our services to meet your needs.

Are you a quality-focused brand

looking to stand out in the global market? 

Meet our team


Director & Head Linguist


Emma is passionate about quality translation, and with ten years of professional experience in the language industry combined with a qualification in cross-cultural psychology, she has what it takes to help her clients successfully cross cultures and linguistic barriers with ease. Emma has an understanding and command of the Japanese language comparative to a native speaker and is involved in Japanese into English translation while overseeing an ever-growing team of highly skilled linguists.


Director & Client Manager


Growing up as a fourth generation Japanese Korean, Taisei has always been interested in language and cross-cultural communication. After living in Australia as an exchange student in his early twenties, Taisei went on to spend time in Thailand and Cambodia; working in international business, marketing, and the non-profit sector. As our Client Manager, Taisei seeks to identify the unique needs and goals of his clients to help them succeed in the context of an ever-changing global economy.


Head English into Japanese Translator


Nozomi studied abroad in New Zealand as a high school and university student and graduated Massey University with a BA in Linguistics; the catalyst for her career in translation. After working as an in-house translator for two years following her return to Japan, Nozomi decided to pursue a specialization in Christian literature translation and later obtained a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Westminster Seminary California. Nozomi now serves as our chief English into Japanese translator and project manager.


Contact us using the details below to discuss your translation needs today. We look forward to making your journey across cultures a success.

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